the friday five

February 27, 2015

the friday five with gorjana studs, mint anorak, cashmere long sleeve sweater, j.brand jeans, studded flats M Loves M @marmar

I'm a sucker for Gorjana jewelry, and these MINI SHIMMER STUDS are soo cute! I love how tiny they are! Why is everything so cute in small sizes?

I don't know about you but I am so ready to put away all my chunky sweaters. If I have to wear a sweater I want it to be a THIN, LONG-SLEEVE CASHMERE SWEATER like this one! The color is versatile and would be a great choice for spring. I'd wear them with some HIGH RISE SKINNY JEANS or a pretty skirt!

STUDDED FLATS are super cute, but when you don't have all the $$ to spend on the Rockstuds, these would be great. They come in some great color options and you really can't go wrong!  

It's going to be a rainy weekend for us in LA and you know I am excited! I'm heading to J.Crew to hunt this MINT ANORAK down. It's the perfect light pastel shade and I've found myself kind of ill-equipped for rain. I lived in Seattle for two years and don't know what happened to all my rainy day gear. It must be somewhere..

Happy happy Friday everyone!! This weekend I have the house to myself and I'm kind of excited! I'm going to miss Matthew but sometimes weekends alone can be soo nice. I'm going to stay up late, drink wine, watch Gilmore Girls {I'm on Season 5 in case you're interested in how I've powered through it the past month! #obsessed #reobsessed #lukeandlolelai}. So yeah, it's going to be pretty exciting and eventful! What are you guys up to? Share share share! Especially if it involved watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning!


army green

equiment slim silk shirtdress M Loves M @marmar
You know those colors that just feel right when you wear them? I swear it's green for me. Yes, I love my pinks, reds, blues, blacks and white, but I think green, and especially army green, is just meant to be my BFF. I saw this SHIRTDRESS and tried in on in this color and navy, and the green won hands down.
army green shirtdress M Loves M @marmar
dolce vita nolin snakeskin sandals M Loves M @marmar
equiment slim silk shirtdress M Loves M @marmar
brunette bangs M Loves M @marmar
dress Equipment, shoes Dolce Vita, bag Elaine Turner, lipstick MAC Velvet Teddy, bracelet Gorjana

I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon and I can't decide if I want to keep or get rid of the bangs. I feel like I need to think about a timeframe for growing them out but I kind of like them right now. I'm not ready to give them up but then I think about summer heat. Summer heat and bangs do not get along! Also color? My semi-permanent from fall has faded and my ombre is peeking through. These very important decisions are plaguing me today so feel free to chime in and lend a gal your thoughts. I'll love you long time {more than I already do!} 


must have bags for spring

February 26, 2015

must have bags for spring 2015 M Loves M @marmar

Spring has almost sprung and I've been bag hunting! This always happens around this time each year. Perhaps it's because after Fashion Week I get major bag lust {this one put hearts in my eyes!}. I've been crushing on all these ones above and while I think a satchel is a classic choice, I really love these cute small, crossbody bags. 

Have you caught the bag bug too? Do you have a favorite from the above? 
Let me know what you think! 


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