first i pack in my head

September 23, 2009

Matthew says I bring way too many things when I come for the weekend. Totally not true. Case in point: this picture. Six very different pairs of shoes for three nights and three days. I could have brought more but I planned accordingly. I always have to think about what I want to pack before I actually do it. Packing is the most annoying process and I really hate it. How will I know what I want to wear in two days from now? What if the weather changes (which is normal in SF)? Why can't my wardrobe just appear magically whenever I am in need of a warmer sweater or more comfortable shoes? Maybe one day.. Now I'm just counting down the hours until I see Matthew (27 1/2) !!


  1. a girl needs at least one pair of shoes for every outfit! lol
    u should def. check out the Design Above All and drool over the beautiful 3 million dollar condos! lol
    and maybe i'll see you there!!

  2. fabulous shoes!
    i hate packing and unpacking as well
    esp after from the trip. huh! it's a lot of clothes and dirty
    clothes to be washed!


  3. If those are Rainbows, which they appear to be, then kudos to you. They're my fav, can't town without em. Another thing we have in common! <3

  4. Shoe line up, love it :)

    We'll be back
    <3 TBAG xxx

  5. Jealous of the shoes, I think that's enough range for your trip.


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