first day

October 12, 2009

Matthew started his new job today and, by the text I received, it's going well! First days are always the worst. For me, I get so nervous and just wish I could be a couple months in already- with a nice routine and work friends. This weekend was busy so unfortunately we didn't make it to IKEA or the Rose Bowl flea market. I helped Matthew move stuff into his new place on Friday and then we went to get sushi for dinner. It's going to be hard to find a place that replaces Zushi...actually impossible. But it was still good! Saturday we organized, built the bed, and set up the kitchen. Sunday Matthew and I helped my mom clean out the garage. It is a mess!
 I can't wait to share pictures of Matthew's new place! Maybe I just like it so much because it's so close to me! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I wish I got today (Columbus Day) off! The weather is perfect for sleeping in and drinking tea!


  1. hey! thanks so much for your comment!

    these are the boots i bought:
    except i got them for $80 rather than $119!
    Yay for deals!!

    So i just perused your blog a bit, and it's very very cute. I'm happy that you & boyfriend are finally living close to each other!

    great picture!!


  2. yay!!!! I'm so happy for you! (and him)

  3. Aww, I love your blog, it is simply adorable!

    xoxo Heather


  4. Congrats to you both! Thanks sooooooo much for stopping by and leaving such sweet words! I will for sure have to bookmark your page so I can stay in touch. Hope your having a wonderful day off! = )

  5. prawns r yummy, but i'm a hooked-onto-breakfast kinda gurl. toasts for brekkie's still unbeatable!

    i love doing things as a couple! so setting up the bed & kitchen sounds like good quality couple time together. it'll draw both persons closer to 1 another ;)

    i'll be going for high tea later & to watch Couples Retreat! hope it's good :)

  6. aww, i hope you guys are having fun! you guys are so cute! love the picture!

  7. you are gorgeous!! love your blog.


  8. Thank you for your comment!
    You have such a cute blog and you are gorgeous.


  9. aaw im like that too, im so awkward first meeting people and i really love that feeling you get when youv been somehwere ages and you know it all off by heart. grr first days suck ;)

    and i loove the polaroid! nice touch ;)


  10. hey there! thanks for stopping by my little blog...i can't wait to catch up on yours too!


  11. Love the Hodah flats in Grey Flannel!


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