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November 17, 2009

I love big purses, because while they are super cute, they also hold some of the most random stuff. I've been meaning to do this post for awhile now and when Chloé did it the other week I knew I had to also! So, for all those other nosy people out there, take a look in my bag:

  • Coach purse {from the outlets},
  • my iPhone graduation gift, Michael Kors wallet {also from the outlets!}
  • Organic Hojicha Green Tea for an extra boost at work
  • mint/chocolate candy from a restaurant
  • bandaids because I always get blisters 
  • Southwest peanuts from one of my many trips to visit Matthew this summer
  • silver bracelet 
  • bobby pins for my unruly hair
  • my yellow MJ keychain with a little tag Matthew made me when he gave me a set of keys to his apt. that says M+M= <3
  • Nivea Cherry Tinted Lib Baum {it's the best because it makes your lips a pretty color while moisturizing them}

Again, sorry, until I replace my camera the iPhone pictures will have to do.

What's in your purse??


  1. love this! I did a series of these with other bloggers on my blog earlier this year. SO FUN!

  2. haha i am glad you did this! i used to always have bandaids in my purse too! and i have so many dinner mints...haha!

  3. jeez, even your bag is unbelievably cute!! i didnt even think that was possible ;p

    i love the keyrings too, marc j and a little homemade something is the perfect combination...


  4. that key chain is so sweet! what a fun post, i think i'll have to do one too :)

  5. Fun post! Awww, what a nice keychain :-)!

  6. Such cute things to have in your purse! My purse is always such a mess - random papers, receipts, cough drops, loose coins, books, a journal, crumbs that leaked from my lunch box. I like your contents much better! :)

  7. CUTE CUTE CUTE wallet!!! Those keys are adorable! I LOVE them! When I gae keys to Spencer after I bought my first apartment I planned to give them to him at christmas and had a special little keychain and everything...and then 2 weeks before christmas he told me he was leaving to go to the hardware store so he could make a set....I had to stop him and give him his gift early. haha... but then again he was already basically living with me at that point!

  8. I have a very empty bag.
    Credit card-phone-lipgloss and camera.

  9. I never get to carry a purse anymore :(. Usually I just have my backpack. But I keep it pretty simple, keys, phone, camera, wallet, moleskine and most of the time a book. Oh, and carmex! I really hate carrying my makeup with me, so it's usually JUST carmex or lipgloss.

  10. Haha this is SUCH a cute post!

  11. how romantic of Matthew! love that handwritten tag he did for u! love reading ur blog, u two are so sweet 2gether!

    i've never done a post like this! i might do it soon! my bag's like emily's sumtimes, with receipts after receipts. cos i seldom clear & tidy my purse!

  12. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! big purses are the best. i always enjoy when bloggers do these series, i guess its the random everyday things that are so interesting!

  13. man now i really need to do this post! so fun! love the little yellow tag matthew made you. and now i want to go buy nivea cherry tinted lip balm. :)

  14. oh i love the key chain...too sweet! fun stuff, love this post!!!
    i will have to do this soon!!!

  15. love it! I did one of these a couple months ago so fun

  16. this was fun, i'm tempted to do my own!


  17. Wipes, diapers, snacks, sippy cup...Ah ha...Most days my purse is a diaper bag!

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves big, gigantic bags! Do you always use the same bag or switch around depending on what you're wearing/where you're going?

    I may have to borrow this idea for my blog. I'll give you full credit ;)

  19. ohh fun fun. mine looks about the same! especially chapstick and bobby pins. love the wallet too:)

  20. you don't wanna know, I have from keys to ipod, to concert tickets (for 2 different concerts) papers for work, medicines and the list keeps growing!

    Have a great day darling!

  21. Love this. Big purses are awesome :) And iPhone pictures are just as good.

  22. Let's see- I'm new to having a purse, so the things it holds are rather basic..

    -Classic Strawberry Chapstick
    -Bobby pins
    -Whitestrips + a toothbrush
    -Tampons and pads
    -A little notebook, and two pens
    -A random TAZO teabag

    I usually keep my cellphone in my pants pocket, because I like to have it on me all the time. :)

    Nice post.

  23. what a cute blog!
    cute idea for a post!!


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