September 30, 2009

I am so lucky to have my dates with Matthew. He always tells me that he never wants to stop dating me. Hopefully one day we'll be 80 years old still going out on the town, and taking pictures quite similar to these! Angeli Cafe is one of our new favorite spots. It's on Melrose so, while the parking can sometimes be awful, it's totally worth it. Their pizzas and pastas are amazing! And the bread that they give you is to die for! They are also really really nice there. (They remembered us on our second time there!) Seriously if you live in LA you must go! You'll probably see us there ♥ ♥

falling for fall

Oh how I love when the leaves change color and the air gets crisper. Fall is probably my favorite season! I always get so excited towards the end of summer. Probably because it's always scorching hot in LA. I am so ready for Halloween. I still haven't figured out what I want to be, but I have a couple ideas! Perhaps Rosie the Riveter? Or a nuclear housewife? Oh decisions decisions. I definitely stray away from the sexy kitten/bunny/maid ideas but I do like to go all out with makeup and hair. I should start planning since it's a month away! What are you going to be? Hopefully you're farther along than I am!

facing monday

September 28, 2009

Well I'm back from a sweet but too short weekend in SF. I saw my brother Anthony in Santa Cruz. His dorm room is cute but oh so tiny! Matthew and I saw The September Issue which I loved, went shopping at Jeremy's and bought 3 pair of shoes and ate lots of sushi. I had to drive my Dad's car back down yesterday so I left earlier than I would have liked. But, I'll be back soon! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

see you in a clock tick

September 23, 2009

Well I'm procrastinating the whole packing thing. I just went to Rite Aid and got a lovely 2 for 1 nail polish deal so I'm debating "Bubble Bath" pink or "Fuchsia Power" (brighter) pink. Oh, decisions decisions.

One thing I'm excited about: I'm starting an internship at a magazine tomorrow!!

Oh and I get to see this face ♥

Hope everyone is having a productive (or not) Wednesday night!

first i pack in my head

Matthew says I bring way too many things when I come for the weekend. Totally not true. Case in point: this picture. Six very different pairs of shoes for three nights and three days. I could have brought more but I planned accordingly. I always have to think about what I want to pack before I actually do it. Packing is the most annoying process and I really hate it. How will I know what I want to wear in two days from now? What if the weather changes (which is normal in SF)? Why can't my wardrobe just appear magically whenever I am in need of a warmer sweater or more comfortable shoes? Maybe one day.. Now I'm just counting down the hours until I see Matthew (27 1/2) !!

Cheap Hangover

September 22, 2009

Another cheap date with Hanna last night. We went to see The Hangover for $2. Yeah, the movie came out a long time ago but neither one of us saw it but were both kind of curious. Also you can't beat two bucks!! It wasn't as inappropriate as I thought it was going to be (I was expecting the worse). I also liked that it was kind of an adventure/mystery plot. And Heather Graham's character was funny! Dinner followed and of course some frozen yogurt. I got vanilla with Circus Animal crackers, even though I'm definitely more of a chocolate girl. Hanna talked me into it.

it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

September 21, 2009

Yesterday I was in one of those productive Sunday moods (they don't come around that often). I clearned out my makeup drawer (finally) and ran a bunch of errands. I really wanted to bake something so I looked through some recipes and found one for Lemon Cheesecake Bars with Fresh Berries. I was rushing to finish it because it needed to chill in the fridge for two hours. I ended up being behind schedule but I tried a piece anyways. They were pretty good but the recipe should have called for more cheesecake mixture. It ended up being really thin, which I guess is ok because 'everything in moderation.' But I'm a sugar addict (even had that screen name for awhile) so I gobbled down two at a time. Pretty tasty! So ready for Thursday so I can fly up to see Matthew!
image courtesy of Epicurious

turn back the page to childhood

September 19, 2009

My little brother headed off to college today. He's transferring to UC Santa Cruz and I am so proud of him. He is the most amazing person and I am so lucky to have him for a brother. When we were kids we had all these inside jokes (still do) that would make our family friends jealous. Everyone was always shocked that we got along so well. We prided ourselves on never fighting, although we did have a few disagreements. Like, when he was in high school and refused to wash his hair. Sigh. What can you do? Sometimes boys will be boys. Matthew is going to drive down to help him move in (love him!).

Anthony and I circa the 90s. pretty cute!

Where the Wild Things Are

September 18, 2009

It's times like these that I really need my friends. This week has been terrible. I think I forgot to mention the car accident with my NEW car last night. It wasn't my fault but the guy isn't taking responsibility for it. So frustrating. Anyway, I think it's always so easy to focus on the negative. Instead of dwelling on the bad I'm trying to focus on how lucky I am. I am so grateful to have amazing, supportive parents, and wonderful, committed friends. Oh and I have the sweetest boyfriend! Hanna and Elizabeth are my two closest friends and I love them more than words can describe. So I have some cute pictures of us from Vegas, even though I said I wasn't going to post them..

We had a wild night, with out wild animal print dresses. It's a Vegas thing, I guess.

Alright well happy Friday!

In Memory of my Grandpa

I haven't been blogging this past week because so much has gone on. My dad got back from his fourth trip to the hospital this summer (initially aortic valve replacement, then arrhythmia, then pneumonia, and most recently unknown infection). So because the infection is unknown my dad is on IV antibiotics twice a day for the next month. It's pretty intense. Monday night my mom got a call from her sister saying their dad, my grandpa, passed away. While he's been sick this past year the timing was a surprise. So my mom flew back to Pittsburgh, and I'm here with my dad. I wish I could go, and so does my dad, but with his current situation it's impossible. I'm sad I didn't go back to see my grandpa recently. He was a really amazing man. He served in WWII with the 101st Airborne Division, Easy Company. Steven Ambrose wrote a book Band of Brothers after them and Steven Spielberg turned it into the HBO miniseries. My grandma and grandpa raised five amazing children, and I am so grateful for his life. Looking at these pictures of him made me miss him even more.

It's cute how I see my mom in him. My mom has been so strong through all of this. She's been dealing with so much and then this happens. I admire her so much. Hopefully I can handle tough situations with maturity, strength and grace. Grandpa, I'll miss you. We'll all miss you. Make sure to look down on us. We need an angel on our side.

oh puppy love

September 10, 2009

I am absolutely in love with this little girl! I am SO tempted to get her, despite the hefty price tag. Isn't she just a doll. I already named her too- Nala! Lion King lovers, anyone?
Looking at Matthew with puppy dog eyes
Lots of pictures because lots of love.
When I get a dog eventually I want to go to the rescue because I know there are so many sweet ones in need of a forever home. But I still can't help loving this one. It's like true love!


September 9, 2009

Went out with my two loves on Saturday night. Lizzie is my ultimate best friend forever. We've known each other since we were six years old, having tea parties, playing with our American girls, and baking lemon cookies. We were the girls that in high school didn't go to parties- we watched Pride and Prejudice (BBC version, of course!) or Anne of Green Gables, ate peanut butter spoonfuls and made funny faces with orange slices. We were silly but cute! I love this girl for being the greatest friend to me through all these years. I'm so lucky to have her!

Under the Boardwalk

September 8, 2009

Well, we didn't make it to San Diego this weekend. The idea of being stuck in traffic for 5 hours wasn't too appealing so we decided to go to the beach instead. It was perfect weather-hot but not unbearable and not a cloud in the sky!

Today is Matthew and my year and a half anniversary! I wish he was here but he's coming down again this weekend. AND exciting news: He's interviewing for a job in Santa Monica. Which would mean no long distance relationship!! woo hoo I'm super excited but trying not to get my hopes up.

C is for Cookie

September 7, 2009

Well it was an attempt. Definitely didn't turn out like the Levain beauties but they were still delish. I looove chocolate chip cookies and I really don't know what's better. Well, maybe spending the weekend with Matthew. That was pretty great, too!

baking x 2

September 5, 2009

Had the most amazing and relaxing day at the beach with Matthew= Baking #1
About to start those yummy Levain cookies= Baking #2

Hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday!

cha cha cha

September 3, 2009

My friend Nikki and I went out last weekend and had soo much fun. This girl is crazy! We've known each other since my first job at The Daily Grill. I was 16! I love going out with my girls but I miss my boy and I am SO excited to see him tomorrow!

you're the chocolate to my chocolate chip cookie

September 1, 2009

Don't these look like the most amazing cookies ever?! They are from Levain Bakery in New York. I was watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay tonight and his cookies fell far short of these huge yummies! They are 6 oz each so definitely massive cookie! Matthew and I must try these cookies on our trip to NYC. Can't wait. Until then I might have to make do with my own homemade cookies, which are pretty amazing in their own right. I think I'm going to make them Thursday before Matteo gets here. yum yum yum can't wait!!

sipping lemonade and watching the cars drive by

Back from class early= amazing
Not having enough ways to procrastinate= not so amazing

Can you believe it's September? I can't. I still don't know how the summer flew by so quickly, especially when I didn't even go on a vacation. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend. Matthew is coming down Thursday or Friday (he procrastinates) and then we're either heading down to the beautiful San Diego. I'm so looking forward to it. The air quality in LA has been so bad. I'm praying for total containment of these fires asap.

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