weekend highlights

July 19, 2010

Minus the sweltering heat this was one of the best weekends I've had all summer! Here's a little recap of what we did:

Fri night/Sat morning: homemade shoestring fries, tasty orange drinks, fresh chocolate croissants

Saturday: a beach day in Venice

Sunday: the drive home from the dog park {Ginger got so dirty Matthew and I had to hose her off before leaving!}

Things not documented: surprise cupcakes from Matthew on Friday from Vanilla, watching the first episode of Six Feet Under, tasty sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli, grilling and cooking shrimp quesadillas with Matthew, cleaned off my dresser and desk!!, swimsuit shopping {ick}, the "Matt's Choice" Jamba Juice {Peach Pleasure with strawberries}, and family time!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

I just noticed that this blog of mine has reached 500 followers! I'm seriously in shock. Your support and kind words have meant so much to me and I'm thrilled to have met you all through this wonderful and expansive blogging community! I've decided to put back the link on my sidebar for my formspring. So if any of you have any questions for me please ask away!

I also want to know all of you a little better so here are three fun questions:
1). Name and location
2). Why did you start blogging?
3). If you could have one food every day what would it be?
4). optional Random fact about yourself! {I always hate this one but I'm sure they'll be some interesting answers!}

Happy Monday!


  1. Chocolate croissant? that sounds delicious. You need to bring some of those next time I see you!!

  2. Yay for 500 followers! You totally deserve it!! I love Bay Cities Deli. I ate there every weekend when I lived in LA.

    (1) Marcie, San Francisco
    (2) As a creative outlet- I've never been very creative and I figured I'd give this a try,
    (3) Anything that is a potato!
    (4) I used to be a lawyer.

    xoxo Marcie

    ps. Can you tell I am still on Hawaiian time? I am going to be to tired for work tomorrow.

  3. Congratulations of your 500 followers! Although I am not surprised! Your blog is always so fun!

    About me:
    1) Catherine, UK
    2) Came across blogspot while researching something & as I was wasting so much time on facebook, I thought I'd try something new:)
    3) Love so many different foods but I would have to say Greek salad & crusty bread...yum!
    4) Random fact ~ I'm double jointed!! haha

  4. I LOVE all of your pictures :)), and here are the q & a:
    1). Name and location: Jemina, Singapore
    2). Why did you start blogging?
    Because I love reading other people's blog, including yours of course, and your blog is fabulous (trust me!!!)
    3). If you could have one food every day what would it be?
    I could eat noodle daily (I guess that's the chinese in me ha ha ha)
    4). optional Random fact about yourself! I am a mother of a ten year old boy and a six year old girl and I love to BLOG ha ha ha, XOXO, jemina

    PS: congrats on the success of your blog, you are marvellous :), xoxo

    thats so wonderful!
    and those chocolate croissants look INCREDIBLE!

  6. That sounds like a seriously perfect weekend. Like if I had to make up a dream weekend, it would pretty much be that, haha! Shoestring fries, chocolate croissants, the beach, dogs, cupcakes, omg!!! Although I gotta agree that swimsuit shopping can be a soul-crushing endeavor. :( Though I'm sure you looked gorgeous!

    As for your questions:

    1. I'm Claire and in San Francisco
    2. I'm a writer, went to grad school for creative writing, and have some friends who blog. I loved reading their blogs, so thought it would be fun to create one of my own, so I started mine in January, and it's been amazing and I've met so many wonderful new friends.
    3. watermelon &/or veggie (fake meat) chinese!
    4. I am pretty obsessed with astrology. :)


  7. I want to dive head first into your photos! It definitely looks like a great weekend.

  8. Congrats on 500 followers!

    1. My name is Eleanor and I am from the Jersey Shore...(just not like what you're thinking right now!)
    2. I work in apparel retail and own way too many clothes. I started my blog with 2 girlfriends/coworkers to shop our own closets for 4 months and buy anything new. Didn't work out too well and I was the last man standing!
    3. Seafood stuffing. On almost anything. Pile some seafood stuffing on something and I am in heaven!
    4. I used to rock pink dreads, a nose ring,Doc Martens...now?
    You've come a long way, baby!

    Eleanor @ Shopping The Closet

  9. Dog parks always equal doggie baths :)

    1). Nicole from Cleveland-ish, Ohio (in suburbia)
    2). Why did you start blogging? About 6 years ago...
    3). If you could have one food every day what would it be? Spaghetti. no, pizza. can I pick two?
    4). optional Random fact about yourself! I just got married 2 weeks ago!

  10. lovely pictures, and Ginger is sooo adorable!

  11. That is sooo precious that your boy surprised you with cupcakes.
    That melts my little heart.

    (1)Brianna....Birmingham Alabama
    (2)because I LOVED writing, and blogging feeds my writing obsession. Also, I feel like blogging can be somewhat like a scrapbook sometimes. Like most people who have a digital camera, the photos never seem to make it to the printing stage, they always end up sitting on the SD card, or in a file on make computer, so through blogging, the photos now get put to a great use.
    (3)If I could eat calorie free Carrot cake everyday, I totally WOULD. but that doesn't exist thank goodness.
    (4)I am twenty-two years old stuck in a 14 year old looking body. I am only 4ft 11 inches. soooo short and small. some days I love it, others I hate it.

    This was FUN!


    P.s. your blog is one of my FAVORITE daily reads!

  12. wonderful pictures! you have such a darling blog, it's no wonder you have so many followers. :)

    1- Lacey from Fort Worth, Texas
    2- keep my family and friends up to date w/ my life.
    3- mexican food. it's too hard to be specific.
    4- i don't have a middle name. but, when i'm married, i'll take my maiden name as my middle name. it's a tradition for the girls in my family.

  13. hey gal - your weekend sounds blissful and six feet under is thaa best! congratulations on 500 followers! that must be an amazing feeling! xo

    Denise - Charlottesville, VA

    Originally, I started blogging so my friends and family could keep up with our lives ... but now it actually serves more as of a creative outlet. I must have a creative outlet of some sort - it keeps me going.

    mcdonalds $1 cheeseburgers

    one time while i was in college .. while playing tug of war .. i had all of the skin on my fingers torn off. i had to be rushed to the hospital. surprisingly, i don't have any permanent nerve damage. i really lucked out.

  14. Congrats on 500 followers! Aww dog parks are always so cute! Six feet under is a weird but awesome show! Fresh chocolate crossants are amazing!

    Well Hi I'm Melanie & I'm in NY near the city! I started blogging to meet new people & practice writing & it became so much more. If I could eat pizza everyday I would!! Random fact..hmmm..well i can catch 20 pennies off my elbow!

    Have a great day!!

  15. Six Feet Under is SO GREAT! Keep watching!
    As for your questions...
    Morgan, Charleston, SC
    Started blogging because I needed a hobby... and now it's a true love
    One food = cheese!


  16. Congrats on 500 followers--it's well deserved! And your fries look delicious!!

    1). Name and location - Connie, Toronto

    2). Why did you start blogging? December 2009

    3). If you could have one food every day what would it be? Cookies, potatoes or pasta.

    4). optional Random fact about yourself! {I always hate this one but I'm sure they'll be some interesting answers!} I can't whistle.

    Happy Monday!!

  17. Congrats on the 500 Followers!! That's amazing :)

    1) Madeline (aka Maddy) from New Jersey

    2) I started blogging because I needed a hobby at the time ;o)

    3) Pizza!!!

    4) I skipped 4th Grade.

  18. congrats on 500 followers Mara! we love you!

    1) Anna from currently KS:)
    2) started blogging to have an outsource of all the inspiration and creativity I had buzzing around in my head!
    3) If I eat one food every day....ooh thats tough. French Fries!
    4) I scream EVERY time I see a spider!


  19. so funny - i think cleaning off my dresser and desk is the most victorious task ever known.

    1. Keri, Flippity floppity between big city, Manhattan, and small town, Elmira.

    2. My birth to cuppity cake, came from graduating from 4 years of fashion school, coming back home to Elmira, and needing to find a way to share my ideas and stay in the loop of everything my world consisted of the past four years.

    3. Brussel sprouts or salmon... and no, I'm not kidding.

    4. I proudly sang and rocked my heart out to Kelly Clarkson's since you've been gone, on TRL (RIP!) and was threatened to get thrown out by a scary security man/woman after waving out the window. The crowd outside went nuts - I was famous. xx

  20. Ooo sounds like a fantastic (and yummy food-filled!) weekend!

    And congrats on the 500 followers girl. You're just too amazing!

    1. Michelle, western Massachusetts (and soon-to-be LA...eeek!)

    2. I actually started my blog with a series of creative nonfiction essays, intending for it to be a portfolio of sorts. But it was too fun to make it personal and to meet all my blog friends!

    3. Enchiladas or ice cream.

    4. I was adopted when I was a teenager.

  21. Looks like another fabulous weekend :)

    Congrats on 500!! Wow, that is an accomplishment for sure.

    1. I currently live in Toronto, ON Canada

    2. I started blogging just because I wanted to try something new (as a creative outlet) and also to learn html script. I never knew it would lead to meeting so many fantastic women!!

    3. Cheese!!

    4. I own/ride motorcycles... sport bikes, baby!! Vroom, vroom...

  22. Congrats on achieving such a blog milestone! You deserve it!

    1.) Meghan, Chicago
    2.) I started blogging as a way to document my thoughts in an online journal. and now its a full-out hobby and passion.
    3.) Strawberries

  23. Yay for 500 followers!! Just say you gained one more! :) You so deserve it. Love your blog girl. Always have and always will! :) ;)

    1) Selma, Switzerland
    2) Started because I wanted it to be my online journal, and a daily/weekly guide for inspirations along the way... :)
    3) Salmon
    4) Hmmm...I "collect" shampoo bottles?! Maybe?! ;)

    Have a great day girl.


  24. Sweetie...well done on 500 followers!!! Yuppie:) Your weekend sounds so good....I love love love everything about it...I did a post today about pets....Check it out..You will like it:)
    Kisses and Happy Monday

  25. sounds great!

    1) Jessica, Los Angeles, CA
    2) i don't remember completely because I started back in college. mostly as a way to share my life with my friends and connect with other scrapbookers, a hobby i've seen pretty much all abandoned. now i focus on interior design w/ a little fashion + every day life mixed in.
    3) avocados! sliced with salt + pepper
    4) i have never seen a star wars or star trek movie.

  26. Yayyy, 500 followers! This should really come as no surprise, seeing as your blog is essentially the most awesome thing in the world. And it does sound like SUCH a fun weekend!

    1. Josie, Minneapolis (Notre Dame, IN during the school year!)
    2. I think I needed to feel like I was doing something productive, or at the very least something that allowed me to share what I love with others.
    3. RASPBERRIES! And lasagna.
    4. Ooooh, this is hard. I can name all of the presidents in order! I can also tell you exactly what issue an article in most major women's magazines was in... I'm weird.

    xo Josie

  27. Congrats on 500 followers!!

    1. Lacey - New York City (by way of LA)
    2. I started blogging to document my cross-country move.
    3. If I could have one food every day it would be quesadillas!

  28. 1) Felicity, Boston, MA
    2) To motivate myself to be creative everyday
    3) Pizza
    4) I have an undying love for Zack de la Rocha! ; )

  29. Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend!

    1). Kahea, currently in the Bay Area (East Bay)
    2). I started blogging as a way to keep in touch with my law school friends who were all traveling the world after our first year was over.
    3). This one's hard! Maybe salmon sushi, or muscat grapes, or whipped cream...LoL. Too many choices!
    4). Hmmm, my full name (Kahealani) means "call of heaven" in Hawaiian (I'm from Hawaii).

  30. Homemade shoe string fries?! Do you need a deep fryer for these??

    1) Nikki from Seattle, WA
    2) I wanted to post wedding ideas for friends, but my blog became too random...and a little too personal.
    4)I just spent $400 on eyeglasses that I need and I hardly ever wear them. Don't tell my Husband.

  31. i love how these pictures look.
    you are so gorgeous.<3

  32. Looks like such a great time Mara! And I love the pics with Ginger =-)

    1). Krysten - River Falls, WI
    2). Originally to help myself stay organized for my wedding - its grown from there!
    3). Pizza. Or tacos, hehe.
    4). I'm a lefty.

  33. I had Bay Cities this weekend too! Those food pics are driving me mad, I want it all (especially the orange drinks). Sounds like a great weekend!

  34. What a perfect weekend!!! I would KILL to live in that area... seriously... how I *wish* S ended up in San Diego for residency. *Sigh*

    1). My name is Amber :)
    2). I started blogging to try to get through the insanity of being in a long distance relationship. It has definitely helped!
    3). Hmmm... one food. That's hard. I think watermelon.
    4). One random fact... I hate these things too!! One day S and I want to have kids, but we will have to use a surrogate because I can no long carry a baby myself!! That's a random fact!!

  35. Hey Mara ;)

    1) Dani from Orange County, CA (Laguna)
    2) Needed an outlet...
    3) Brie and Champagne
    4) I swore after living in NYC and Philly I would never leave California again...but alas I am moving to London (Cambridge) in 2 months... and another random fact related to you (sorta): I passed a full-ride to CAL to go to UCLA ;)

  36. Aww you're so cute Mara... sounds like a great weekend and congrats on 500 followers!

    1. Alicia - San Francisco
    2. As a fun creative outlet
    3. Sushi ;)
    4. This is always a hard one!!!

  37. Hello dear! So glad to hear you had a fantabulous weekend. You deserve it! Congrats on 500 followers! Woohoo!

    1). Rachael UTAH
    2). started blogging in Feb of this year
    3). sushi! without a doubt.
    4). I am still in my pj's and it's monday morning. I love days off.


  38. LOVE the pictures!!!

    1). Samantha - St Louis
    2). To document my college experience/running
    3). pasta!
    4). I have more guy friends than girls.

  39. i still can't believe we haven't met yet! you, kim, nicole, and i need to get on a beach day!

    here are the answers to your getting to know you questions

    I am originally from the Bay Area but now live somewhere between hollywood and silverlake

    I took a class on blogging in college and got really into it i have had maybe 5 or 6 blogs since then i usually get bored of one and start a new theme!

    the food i could eat everyday would be from the salad bar at Plutos in San Francisco! Yummmm

    Random fact: I don't dye my hair and living in LA that is a rare thing lol

  40. great picture! I love them

    1. Rasha & Arizona
    2. Cause I want to inspire/help people plus I love journaling.
    3. PIZZA!
    4. im in loveeeeeee

  41. What a fun weekend! Love Bay Cities and Six Feet Under!!

    Here's my answers:

    1. Juliet, West Hollywood
    2. For fun
    3. Cake :)

  42. 500 followers, that is awesome! Congrats! What a fun weekend, I love weekends that involve good food.

  43. 1). Maddy. Tallahassee, Florida but will be Gainesville, Fl in 2 weeks!!
    2). Because I wanted a hobby that I would enjoy and benefit from.
    3). soft serve ice cream! chocolate with sprinkles :)
    4). errr.. this is always hard to answer.. I played softball for 12 years?

  44. 1. Brittni, Michigan
    2. To find inspiration from others and take time to appreciate my life by recording it
    3. CUPCAKES! haha
    4. I hate McDonalds.. I haven't ate there in at least 10 years

    xx, brittni

  45. Mara, your weekend sounds perfect! I love Bay Cities Godmother sandwich and of course Vanilla bake shop too. What kind of cake did you get? Those cupcakes were red velvet and fudgy brownie, but he also got vanilla, chocolate, and birthday cake. Congratulations on 500 followers!!!!

    1. Valerie, Santa Monica
    2. I wanted to have a creative outlet and it was also part of my new year's resolution to take more pictures.
    3. Nachos or sushi
    4. I'm a total homebody and LOVE being in my pajamas.

  46. Those fries look amazing. I must be hungry. I'm gravitating to food posts right now!

  47. congrats on the 500 followers! what a milestone!

    1). Name and location:
    CAPow! from Upstate NY

    2). Why did you start blogging?
    I started blogging a year and a half ago, it was a blog that basically only existed to promote my etsy shop, but I was bored with it. So this past fall M & I were preparing for our first big road trip together, and it dawned on me that it would be the PERFECT time to start a blog about our life together. And Windshield Diaries was born :)

    3). If you could have one food every day what would it be?

    This is so tough. I'm going to have to go with sushi. Any kind of salmon roll. Love it!

    4). optional Random fact about yourself!

    I can't snap my fingers to save my life!

  48. im super glad you had fun <3 what a great weekend it was. you and ginger look adorable!! ginger is all grown up!!

  49. Well done!! Sounds like an awesome weekend!! (I don't mind swim suit shopping most of the time)

    1. Gracie, Australia
    2. I guess to document my creativity and life
    3. Ha maybe potato..,
    4. I love to read YA books more than adult books :)

  50. Wow sounds like a great weekend! My dog can never stay clean at the dog park.. he's little and gets toppled over a lot and drooled on!

    Wowsers that's a lot of followers! Congrats! Your blog is one of my favorites. I've been so busy latly but I still read yours and 2 or 3 others most days.

    1. Cailie (Kay-lee) Portland, Oregon.. well about 15 minutes south of downtown :)

    2. I started reading my real life friend Lauren's blog all the time (the little things we do) and thought it would be a fun way to help me remember my life! I also just got some herbal/natural pills from costco that are supposed to help with memory so we'll so if those help! haha

    3. Chocolate!! And fresh berries

    4. I have a freakishly long tongue and can reach my nose.. technically I could pick my nose with it if I really wanted to but that's gross. Even when I was little I was too much of a clean freak to pick my nose!

    Have a great rest of your Monday!

  51. Looks like a lovely weekend. That photo of you and Ginger in the car is great!

    1. Erin, Victoria (Canada)
    2. To keep in touch with faraway family and friends
    3. Bocconcini/tomato/basil tossed in a teeny bit of olive oil
    4. I have two little boys. Both times I was pregnant, I was convinced I was having a girl. I would have loved to have a little girl. But I wouldn't trade my noisy, grubby, boisterous boys for anything!

  52. Aww Mara, I'm glad you had a good weekend (gotta love surprise cupcakes!) and I'm stoked for you that you have 500 followers, I think when I first started reading you had 200 or so. I had a feeling you would break 500 this summer too, your blog is relatable but intriguing enough to want to re-visit each day. I'm happy for your success!

    1) Kinsey from "the Boston area" :)
    2) i started blogging to see what sorts of connections I could build and opportunities I could create for myself. So far it has been a really fun ride and it's brought to my life so much more than what I originally intended it to!
    3) favorite food is most def macaroni n cheese. I love my comfort foods!
    4) I once auditioned for an Oscar Meyer wiener commercial. I didn't get the part, but it's funny to think I actually tried out for it!

  53. It looks like it was a great weekend!
    Jennifer from WV
    I started blogging for fun!

  54. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! I wish I could take leisurely trips to Venice beach...lucky girl :).

    1). Heather from Tennessee!
    2). I find that I write better than I can communicate verbally...I can get my feelings across more with my blog.
    3). Bread, any kind :).
    4). I have crooked pinkies, when I put them together side by side they make a "v." Weird...

  55. Looks amazing!

    And here are my answers:

    1) Kris from NYC
    2) I wanted something new to do, and wanted to be heard by people that I didn't know!
    3)I would want pasta everyday!
    4)I can recite Mrs. Doubtfire about 80-90% in it's entirety. Depends on my energy. haha

  56. Your weekend sounded fabulous!

    1. My name is Ashley and I'm from Grass Valley, CA (3 hours east of SF and 1 hour west of Lake Tahoe.

    2. I started a blog as a way to document my life and to find fun blogs to read :)

    3. Mexican anything

    4. I use to take pictures of everything I ate. It was a fun experiment. I want to make a coffee table book from it eventually.

  57. Chocolate croissant!!! I LOVE THEM!! Congrats on 500 Mara!!! Many many many more to come! oxoxox

  58. Congrats! Love your blog!

    About me:

    ~Nikki from New York City.
    ~I started blogging 5 months ago.
    ~Pizza and cheesecake.
    ~If I see a bulldog on the street, I'll follow it for miles.


  59. mmm, shoestring fries! it's been a while since i've had them, but my husband suggested over the weekend that we make some, and it was a brilliant idea!

    i miss venice beach. it was a little too chilly to really hang out at the beach when i was there in june.

    sounds like you had a nice weekend!

  60. Sounds like you had a great weekend? those chocolate croissants look soooo good!

    Now for your questions:
    1). Elisa, currently in Zurich, Switzerland

    2). Because blogging combines freeing feeling of journaling and indulging in a creative outlet with the community and support of a bulletin board. Perfection.

    3). I know for a fact that I'd get bored, so probably there isn't a food I'd want to have every single day, but a good pizza (like the ones I eat when I go home to Italy) comes pretty damn close.

    4). hmmm... If I had to pick one place to live in for the rest of my life - from the places I have visited or lives in already - I would have a lot of trouble picking between San Francisco and New York. REALLY tough pick!

  61. 500 followers and counting! You are definitely going to have many more followers to come, I know, because you have a really great blog. =)

  62. great photos and your dog is such a cutie! btw congratulations on the followers :)

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. That sounds like a fabulous weekend! Your blog always inspires me to go out and do things more often.

    1. Nikki from Pasadena, CA

    2. I just recently started blogging so I need to get better at posting, but I just loved reading other blogs and it looked so fun that I decided I needed one too.

    3. I would love to eat Mexican food on a daily basis.

    4. I am a flute player majoring in music. I've marched in the Rose Parade 3 times (one of them being the year it poured.)

  65. 1. Krystal Sandoval from Los Angeles, CA

    2. Came across people's blogs & loved it. I wanted to start writing about my day or my thoughts!

    3. I could eat Italian food forever, so I'll go with pasta! :)

    4. Going to be majoring in Nursing- right now I'm becoming a Medical Assistant to put my foot in the door :) I love Audrey Hepburn, my Yorkie Lola, and I am turning 18 this September ( I know I'm young !)

  66. 500! mara look at you!!

    1. hadley, living in new york now, but only for a few more weeks, back to finish school in north carolina.
    2. blogging is too rad to avoid. don't you agree?
    3. sushi, no question.
    4. i'm a dual citizen, makes euro traveling super easy.

    keep it up. m loves m never fails to put a smile on my face. xo, h

  67. for some reason your posts have been absent in my google reader. boo! i feel like i have missed so many fun posts!

    your weekend sounded lovely, and that cupcakery?! adorable!

    and now i'm off to catch up on the rest of your blog!

  68. 1). Name and location:
    Jasmine - Brisbane, Australia.

    2). Why did you start blogging?
    I wanted a place to share my thoughts.

    3). If you could have one food every day what would it be?
    Potato! I've had an intolerance to it for the past 5 years and my stomach is slowly healing (thanks to lots of medication) so I'm finally able to eat it again. Mmm! Speaking of which, how did you cut those chips so thin?

    4). optional Random fact about yourself!
    I have a double degree in Arts (English, Ancient History, and Modern History) and Secondary Education ... but I work in IT!

    x Jasmine

  69. 1) Kirby, NY, NY
    2) social networking
    4) My first pair of ice skates were the ones with double blades.

  70. wow 500. so exciting and well deserved.

    1) jill living in south florida but from ct
    2)to share my photography but really to read all the fabulous blogs out there, like your.
    3) fruit all the time

  71. 500 followers!
    Oh my goodness Mara, that is amazing!

    1. Becca, South Carolina
    2. I started blogging to have a creative outlet. There are so many creative thoughts in my mind all the time, I need a place to let some of that out and also connect with people around the world.
    3. Oh man Mara, I LOVE food. so this is tough. I like carrots with cottage cheese...that sounds so healthy and gross but for some reason I've stuck with that combo for several years now and I love it.

    Thanks for the fun questions, Mara!

  72. 500? yay! congrats Mara!

    As for me...
    1. Nicole from Raleigh, North Carolina
    2. because I loved reading other people's blogs and thought it would be fun to share my projects and trips with friends
    3. rocky road ice cream. everyday.
    4. i have a guinea pig named Lenny and he is the cutest :) and i love waterfalls and fireworks

    ps -your chocolate croissants look incredible!

  73. your blog is precious! i'm not surprised you have 500 followers!

    1.) emily from houston, texas.
    2.) i've always had an obsession with blogs. so i figured, why not start my own?
    3.) peanut butter, hands down!
    4.) i just got back from a caribbean cruise and i really don't feel like unpacking, so i'm distracting myself by reading my favorite blogs.

  74. Congrats for hitting the 500 mark!
    I really enjoyed looking at these photos -- especially the one's with Ginger.
    I'm really sad and empty feeling right now because my little guy, Harry, passed away last week :( I'm having to re-arrange my schedule since it doesn't include taking care of him anymore and I hate having to do so...


  75. oh, man.. i am so behind on commenting!

    first off, yay for reaching 500 followers!

    1. sasha young-tenorio, provo, utah
    2. i started because to keep in touch with our families overseas.
    3. i would eat sushi from my hometown EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. and i'd be the happiest girl on earth.
    4. i hispanic, but i'm japanese-american.


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