look book: santa cruz {and a giveaway!!}

September 20, 2010

I thought I'd start the week off by documenting the beginning of our trip up north. On Thursday Matthew and I drove up to Santa Cruz to see my brother Anthony and my mom who were looking for apartments. Anthony starts school this week and the guy he was supposed to room with dropped out of their deal less than two weeks ago! It was so unfair and put Anthony in a terribly stressful situation. For that reason, it was nice to stop for the day and night and offer some support! The inn we stayed at was off the 17 highway and as soon as we arrived we had to walk around to stretch our legs from the long drive. The lighting was absolutely gorgeous!

tshirt tminx, skirt thrifted, necklace H&M, rings from Matthew, my grandma, random shops, silver cuff from Matthew, wooden bracelet from Anthony

The shirt I'm wearing is from tminx and is called the 1985 Chic Crop Top. It is probably the softest t-shirt I own and I love the fashion print! Yvonne from tminx has so kindly offered to give away one of her awesome Zodiac shirts!

To Enter
1) Visit the tminx shop
2) Must be a follower
3) Leave an email address if I can't contact you through your blog
4) Tell me what your zodiac sign is and if you agree with the personality/character assessment that comes with it {I am a Gemini but can only connect with a few of the personality traits-like I agree with the sensitivity and desire to learn but not with the glib and restlessness}

The lucky winner will be chosen next Monday, September 27th!

I'll be posting the proposal story tomorrow! Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. Matthew and I read through them together and it was so touching to see the incredible amount of love and support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


  1. I am waiting for the "engagement" part of this trip. :)

    xo M

    ps- love the hippie look.

  2. I'm dying to hear about the engagement! SO SO SO excited for you and Matthew! I love your long skirt, I just bought one at H&M and can't wait to wear it. What a great giveaway, that top looks so soft and comfy! I'm going over to visit the shop now.


  3. Love your look. I also can't wait to hear the engagement story.

    I'm a follower and a cancer. Which for the most part I think describes me perfectly. I'm not sure if I'm quite proud of that or not!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. You look adorable, as always!

    My sign is scorpion and I DO agree that I have a lot of the characteristics of my sign, although I don't believe in all of the sign mumbo-jumbo. People look into that crap too much and take it too seriously. But anyway. I agree that I have a lot of the characteristics.

    My email:

    and congrats again. can't wait to hear your story and see your ring! That's always so much fun to see what different girls tastes are in rings. My best friend found her ring antique shopping with me a few years ago and her fiance went back and got it-it's gorgeous. I wish I had gone that route because hers is so unique and didn't cost a fortune! You two are such an adorable couple!

  5. Congrats darling!!! I am so very happy for you both...You look stunning in that tee :)
    I am Leo but as my Balazs says I am nothing like a real one:)
    Hugs and kisses

  6. Cannot wait to hear the proposal story! I loooove proposal stories :)

  7. I checked out the shop. I am a follower. I'm a Cancer & think most of characteristics fit me, but some don't. I'm definitely moody & my 3 year old daughter is too (she's also a Cancer) Can't wait for the proposal story. I love reading them. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com

  8. Congratulations on the engagement!!!

    I am a follower and I definitely agree with my sagittarius and I definitely agree with my sign description! -Tiffklin@yahoo.com

  9. Congratulations on the engagement!!!

    I am a follower and I definitely agree with my sagittarius and I definitely agree with my sign description! -Tiffklin@yahoo.com

  10. I can't wait to hear the story, congrats!!

    my sign is Leo.. so is my Matthew's... neither of us really fall into the main aspect of a Leo- "attention seeking" blah, but I love to take charge and I prefer to work on stuff on my own so I guess I see that part. ;)

  11. Oh I'm sooooo excited to know more about the engagement story!!! :)

    Love your nails girl. Just had mine done three days ago and now they're ruined. :( So sad. What am I doing wrong?! Maybe I work too hard?! Haha.

    Have a great Monday.


  12. CONGRATS! How exciting - cannot wait to hear the story! :)

  13. congratulations! how exciting!
    i am a Sagittarius and when i read the characteristics i do not think its me but when i get angry and i can see it!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  14. Taurus! Definitely a Taurus...stubborn, glutton, loves all things pleasurable...couldn't be more spot on...

  15. Gorgeous top, I'd love to win one! :D
    of course I'm following and cannot wait to hear the proposal story!!! :)


  16. awhh congratulations! i've been waiting for this to happen! :]
    i can't wait until you post the story of how it happened.

  17. Love your outfit so relaxed and cool.

    I'm a Cancer and I think I fit a lot of the characteristics of a Cancer. I'm a real homebody, caretaker :)

    Can't wait to hear the story!!

  18. congratulations on the engagement!! I'll be honest...after seeing how much you guys obviously love each other, I've been watching for that announcement for a while now ;) Enjoy being engaged - it rocks!

  19. I follow, love the shop (and your outfit)! I'm a Cancer -- I think I can be shy and need to retreat sometimes, plus I'm sensitive/emotional, so I suppose I "fit" my sign. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Oh wow! I love the whole outfit... but especially love the nails - they look fantastic!

    Much love, Hannie xxx

  21. GAHHHHH this outfit is one of my favorites!! Mara you are so beautiful. I am a Leo and definitely fall into the LEO category, ruled by the sun, outgoing, sometimes a little too outgoing, passionate ... YUP I am a Leo. And of course I am a follower. Hugs my sweet friend!! And CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!! XO

  22. cheers to family love & support! it means so much sometimes. pretty nails, so glittery! lookin forward to 2mrw's proposal story :D

  23. I'm a Cancer and the traits are right-on. I love, love, love your nail polish!!!

  24. I am a follower!


    I can't wait to read your engagment story!!! : )

  25. me too! waiting to see and hear how it all went :)
    You look lovely as usual, beautiful photos! Great shop too!

  26. me too! waiting to see and hear how it all went :)
    You look lovely as usual, beautiful photos! Great shop too!

  27. You are simply gorgeous, Mara! What a lovely look and beautiful pictures and thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

    Tminx is such a fun shop!

    I am a follower!

    My e-mail: Liesl@LieslEhardt.com

    My zodiac sign is Leo and I would agree with the loyal, generous, warmhearted, creative and enthusiastic traits, but it also says that we are great leaders and outspoken, but that I am not! :)

    Liesl :)

    P.S. I'm really looking forward to your proposal story...so exciting!!!

  28. I LOVE these shirts!
    I'm a follower.
    My email is khumes186@hotmail.com
    I'm a Sagittarius and I'm SO like the readings for us it's scary. In a nutshell we are supposed to be restless, need for independence, adaptable, always ready for travel, etc. I really love anything astrology related - it's really interesting to do your planet chart and find out where all the planets where at the time/place you were born...it's kinda hokey I guess but can tell you a lot about your character!

  29. The lighting really was so beautiful for these pics! Love your sparkly nails and all the fun rings :)
    You are definitely keeping us all in suspense! Can't wait to hear how Matthew proposed!
    That was sweet of you guys to visit your bro and support him during that stressful situation.

  30. Oh and ps - I am a follower! My star sign is Cancer, and I definitely think a lot of the traits apply to me!

  31. Ahhhhh, yay! Congrats! I am so happy for you.

    PS: Your nails look fabulous! Who makes that color?

  32. Looks like a wonderful trip you had! You look beautiful as always.

    Yay for a giveaway :))
    I'm a Taurus...and i must agree that i can at times be stubborn. LOl

  33. gotta love a great giveaway, especially when there is such an amazing story about to come!

    Of course I'm a follower!

    email me when I win, okay! hehe
    kmargaretstudio @ gmail.com

    love the look, it's super cute! I think i need to try a long skirt like that.

    xx Kirby

  34. Definitely looking forward to the proposal story!

    As for the awesome giveaway, I'm a Scorpio, but I'm not sure that I fit that description. I'm not very mysterious (actually, I wear my heart on my sleeve), I'm in no way promiscuous, and I tend to come off more shy than outgoing... But I like my sign, anyway!

    Hopefully, I'll get to show it off with a Scorpio shirt! :D


  35. I'm a Taurus, and that describes me 100%

  36. This is the best giveaway I've seen in a long time--I LOOOOOOVE the Leo shirt! I am totally into astrology and am a true Leo through and through--prideful, bold, loving, vain, creative, and flashy. :) I'm a follower and am crossing my fingers and toes--love it!

  37. What an adorable outfit! I'm a Taurus, and it seems to be pretty consistent with my personality...creative and stubborn. Very. :) Excited to hear your engagement story!

  38. Very cute top! I'm aquarius and I actually think it fits my personality freakishly well!


  39. Congratulations! I just got engaged a month ago - let the planning begin!

    And I'm definitely the epitomy of a sagittarius - always rooting for the underdog and moving at lighting speed in my personal and professional life.

    Thanks for writing a wonderful blog that I always look forward to reading!


  40. I am so thrilled that you are engaged. I cannot wait to get the details.
    I am a follower & my sign is Cancer. It fits me purrfectly,
    Love Your outfit.
    Love & Hugs,

  41. I looooove your nail polish lady!

    Also, of course I follow you! I'm a virgo and I'm totally just like what they say about virgos. It's actually kind of creepy how accurately my sign matches me!

  42. i just can't wait to hear about the engagement part of the trip!

  43. I just got back and I'm catching up!!!!! Engagement?!?! How exciting!

    I'm a follower and I'm a Gemini!!

  44. that site is trippy- I like it but it's a bit hard to navigate. That shirt is beautiful, esp on you. I am a Leo and I definitely align with the qualities of it except I'm not as bitchy as they want you to be. I'm pretty nice and enjoy a lot of people so that's a difference.

  45. Just found your blog through "two point oh! LA" and I'm addicted! Love your fashion sense and your sweet romance! Definitely a follower!

    xoxo from hawaii,

  46. I love your necklace and rings :)

    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

  47. I can't wait for tomorrow's story! I hope there's pictures to go along with it :)

    Loving the T-shirt and I'm a follower! I am a Libra and I'd like to think I'm very "balanced"
    like my sign suggests :)

  48. i LOVE that shirt. I'm a leo and I definitely have some of the traits, like being stubborn and opinionated but I don't always have to be in the spotlight, like most leos!

  49. i love the Zodiac collection!
    I'm an Aries and I agree with the traits that comes with being one like being impulsive impatient, loving and responsible :>

  50. what a fantastic giveaway!

    your outfit in this post is speaking to me! love love love. the polish too!

    i am a taurus with a cancer ascendant. stubborn and sensitive!

  51. Awe congrats on the engagement! Did you stay at the Inn at Pasatiempo? I lived there (not the inn...)...

  52. I'm a virgo.. and I fit the Virgo mold perfectly. =)

    I love the way you rocked this shirt. You are fearless.

  53. lovely photos!!
    i'm a libra and it's all too fitting! :)

  54. Hopefully your brother found an apartment quick. And you were right, the lighting was spectacular.

  55. what a cute outfit! you look so comfy but chic at the same time!

    and I'd love to win a zodiac shirt! it does look soft :) as for my sign, I'm an aries, which are known for being hot headed and take-charge kind of gals... I really don't think I'm either, though sometimes I wish I was more aggressive! that would probably come in handy with work :)

  56. Okay, I think this is by far my FAVORITE outfit post... not sure how many times I've written that, but this time ITS TRUE!! You look beautiful and your hair!! I think I'm going to let my hair grow out all because of this post haha Hope you and Matthew are having a wonderful week

  57. Congrats on being engaged!! That is wondeful. Also, your outfit is adorable.

    I really LOVE those t-shirts. The fit looks wonderful and so comfy. I am a new follower and an aries, which I think fits me very well! I am fiercly independent and generous, but can also be a little impatient and impulsive at times.

  58. Loving these t-shirts! I'm a Cancer and I find that I'm very Cancer-like.

  59. This outfit looks perfectly comfy AND stylish. Must get a long skirt for the wardrobe...


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