georgina bag giveaway!

September 30, 2010

Isn't this bag awesome?! One of you lucky ladies will be the winner of this special Oufi bag! It's so perfect for fall and I couldn't resist giving it a test run!
tank and skirt Urban, belt J.Crew, shoes Michael Kors, purse Oufi

This bag is such a great statement piece and it instantly makes me feel a little more rock and roll! I love the heavy fringe so much!

To Enter:
1). Must be a follower of M Loves M and Oufi
2). Visit the Oufi website and comment back with the bag you love the most

For extra entries
3). Blog/tweet for extra entries!
4). Become a Facebook fan of M Loves M and Oufi
{please leave separate comments since it makes it a little easier on me!}

I'll be picking the winner next Friday, October 8th! Good luck!

wedding wednesday: venues

September 29, 2010

woo hoo welcome to the first Wedding Wednesday !
{don't say I'm not original!}
So first things first Matthew and I haven't set an exact date but we're thinking about getting married a year from now- so next September or October. That's a lot of time but since I know many venues book a year in advance I figured that would be the first task to tackle. Let me just say that venues are crazy to charge as much as they do for a site fee! Just to use the property, places charge upwards of $12,000! Insane, right? Matthew and I are definitely looking for places 75% less than that which has been quite the challenge. Growing up in Los Angeles, and Matthew in San Diego, {both having spent significant time in Northern California}, we've decided on a California wedding. haha I know that doesn't really narrow it done though since this is quite a big state but at least it's something!

I am totally smitten with barn and ranch style venues so that has been our main focus right now. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous Santa Margarita Ranch, photographed by Cameron Ingalls, and featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

sigh I think it's so pretty! Unfortunately the site fee is still a little high for us. We've been looking for a place like this in the Los Angeles area but we don't really have land like this! Have any of you seen {or been} to some beautiful barn weddings or have a recommendation of where to look? Any California tips would be great!

Love, Illustrated

Today Matthew and I were featured in Melissa's new feature called Love, Illustrated. The artist Jaymie did such a great job! I love how she included all these little details about us. You can check it out here!

I'll be posting later about my frustrating venue searches in my first "Wedding Wednesday" post! eek

5 years ago..

September 28, 2010

I spent today showing my German friend Kathi {pronounced Kat-e} around Los Angeles! Her mom is longtime friends with my mom and for my high school graduation her family gave me the best present of asking me to come to Germany and Spain to spend a month with them. Kathi and I became good friends and when I was looking through these old photos of us I knew I had to share! Germany was so beautiful, as was Spain. I can't believe it's been 5 years since I was there..I'm dying to go back!

we got matching t-shirts!

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

the gorgeous house we stayed at

Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

I thought it was exciting to be an 18 year old drinking wine!


the view from my room in Berlin

I look younger right?? haha It's funny looking back at old pictures. This was the summer before college and an opportunity of a lifetime..especially since I never studied abroad! Spending time with Kathi today brought up so many old memories. I remembered German phrases she taught me, the bands and TV shows we were talking about {Blue and The O.C.}, the Bulvarian ice hockey player she was crushing on, and all the amazing food we ate! I probably gained the freshman 15 before I started my freshman year with all the yummy things we ate. Hopefully I can go back and visit them soon!

look book: sausalito

September 27, 2010

While Matthew and I were in San Francisco we went to Sausalito for the afternoon. Sausalito is such a cute little town across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a cloudy and overcast day but it was beautiful seeing San Francisco right across the water. I wore these adorable shorts from Style by Marina that have these awesome side pockets that I could hide things in!

top Urban Outfitters, shorts Style by Marina, belt vintage, necklace Elephantine, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, jacket

How was your weekend? It's slightly sad to say and admit but 90% of mine was spent in front of a computer screen..and I wasn't blogging {ugh}!! Searching for an affordable venue for next year has been soo time consuming..and frustrating! But more about on Wednesday. Hopefully things will be making more sense by then. Crossing my fingers.

And before I forget. The winner of the tminx Zodiac t-shirt is Felicity! Congrats girl! {Email me your info!} Stay tuned for another fun giveaway later this week!
P.S. Does anyone understand the new editor on Blogger? I'm having the hardest time adjusting my pictures. The Extra Large is too big and the Large is too small. eek any advice/tips would be SO appreciated!

recipe: crack pie

September 25, 2010

I was dying to make this recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York city when I saw the pastry chef Christina Tosi featured on Martha Stewart and then when I found the recipe in the September issue of Bon Appetit I knew it was meant to be! Crack Pie is Momofuku Milk Bar's version of Chess Pie {originally Just Pie}-- a simple dessert made with eggs, flour, sugar, and cream. This version had a yummy cookie oat crust and I loved the salty sweet taste! It's called Crack Pie because of how addicting it is. You seriously can't just have one bite!

So I'm sorry this post is a little late {it's currently after 1 am eek}. I've been so busy this week, as you can imagine, emailing and talking with family and friends. Also, some venues fill up a year in advance so I've been looking into those and making spreadsheets for Matthew to look over. I decided I'm going to try to limit my wedding talk to one day a week {probably Wednesdays..haha how original right?}. I just think it will be easier to have some sort of structure since I know some of you might not be interested at all. Personally, though, I've always loved looking at wedding pictures and reading about DIY/creative projects! We'll see how much of that I can even do! It will be great to share things with you all and get some advice!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
Remember to enter the giveaway for a Zodiac t-shirt!

brunch at la boulange

September 23, 2010

On Saturday Matthew and I went to Cow Hollow in SF to meet Caroline and her husband Marc. It's so great when you can meet someone and just feel like you're already friends. I guess that's what blogging does to you! They were the sweetest, most down to earth people and we're definitely looking forward to seeing them again! We went to La Boulange which is this adorable little French bakery where I had the best chai latte I have everrr had! {thanks for the recommendation Caroline!}

french toast with fruit

salmon croissant

a picture taken maybe a little too close, by a nearby eater

such an adorable couple!

I love how there are always new places to explore in San Francisco. It makes going up there all the more fun!

the proposal story {told by matthew}

September 22, 2010

Hi everyone! First of all, let me say, it’s a huge honor to be able to do my first blog post EVER, on my favorite blog, EVER!

The Master Plan…

So Mara never gave me any hints about how she would want the proposal to happen other than one very important contingency: She wouldn’t say ‘yes’ unless she was surprised! And I’m not talking kinda surprised. I mean, genuinely-in-shock-surprised. That pretty much ruled out any activities that were out of the ordinary/classic proposal type stuff. I just had to pick a place that was sentimental/romantic and then make sure that she wasn't expecting it.

A little background on Mara in regards to surprises: She is SO keen and usually on to my surprises. And she knows I don’t keep them very well anyway (I get too excited about them). So with everything at stake, I knew I had to keep my game face on and create a believable plan.

I always knew I would propose in San Francisco, as it’s filled with sentimental places and lots of happy memories. We met there, we had our first date there, and it's just a romantic city anyways. As soon as we decided on a date to drive up, I knew it was on! I told Mara that it would be fun to go out with my buddy Ryan and his girlfriend on Friday night in SF since I haven't seen him in a while. I had rehearsed this whole plan with him and told him to call me at exactly 6:20 pm to tell me that he was stuck in traffic and would be about 25-30 minutes late, but that he was still coming---just the thing to throw her off! I knew that if I had him call to cancel, she would automatically know something was up. I made sure that we were in the car by 6:20 en route, so I had the time I needed. Sure enough, at 6:20, he called. It was so believable---I was cool as a cucumber and assured him that it was no big deal and we'd meet there soon enough. A few minutes later, as we were arriving in the area, Mara was on the phone with her dad talking about how Ginger was doing (he was dogsitting for us). She didn't catch on to the fact that I was only looking for parking on the street closest to Alta Park (which is about a block from the planned Fillmore destination). Alta park is a gorgeous park in Pac Heights, with great views---the perfect spot for pictures.

I said to Mara, "hey lets go take some pics while we wait". We got to the top of this pyramid-style park and the view was absolutely lovely! As I took the photos, my life flashed before my eyes. I was a little boy dreaming of the day I would fall in love with the woman of my dreams, the woman i would ask to marry me. I was breathless. I remembered the first moment I saw Mara, back in March of 2008---when I was completely knocked off my feet---the only thought in my mind was "this is my future wife"!!! And now she was right there before my eyes, looking even more gorgeous than I could ever imagine!!! I tried hard not to lose it---I quasi teared up, but luckily I had my camera to put in front of my face. Plus, I had to keep my game face on!!

I then faked that my camera wasn't working and asked her to come take a look at it. That's when I held her hands and looked in her big brown eyes and began to tell her what I had so diligently rehearsed for months (with my heart pounding out of my chest!):

"Mara, I love you with all my heart and soul. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

She started saying something like, "what, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, are you serious?!!"...I nodded yes and reached for my coat pocket, dropped down on one knee and opened the ring box. She said yes and I stood up, put the ring on her finger and gave her a kiss and a huge hug. It was SO surreal. It was happening and I was filled with so much emotion!!!! I asked a lady passing by to take a picture of us, telling her that we JUST got engaged, like right now! She said, "like right now?", and I said, "Yes, right now!!!!"...

At that moment, Mara realized what was happening and she started crying, and then I started crying, and we both were crying and laughing and hugging!!! We stayed up there for a few minutes and she asked if we were really having a double date, and I said, "of course not!". It was the most magical moment of my life and one I will never ever forget!!!!

On Friday we also coincidentally walked by the spot of our first coffee date!

I love and adore this girl with all my heart and I'm so excited for all the amazing things to come in our marriage and life together. I'm not as good a writer as my fiance, so hope I didn't bore you too much!!! Thanks for letting me tell you my favorite love story.

photo taken on our pool shark date
You can read my story of the proposal here!

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