Refinery29's Search for the Next Big Style Blogger

February 1, 2012

Hi you guys! I have a little PSA for today. I'm participating in Refinery29's Search for the Next Big Style Blogger and I would so appreciate it if you could lend me a vote. I'm running against some pretty amazing bloggers and every single vote counts.

Voting is really easy! Here are the 5 simple steps:

1. Go to Refinery29's Search for the Next Big Style Blogger page
2. Scroll through to the bottom until you see my badge {above!}
3. Click on the heart!
4. There should be a prompt to log in through Facebook, click Allow
5. That's it!! {So really 4 simple steps!}

Thank you sooo much! I appreciate all the support you all have given me! It means so much! Cross your fingers and toes for me!


  1. If I wasnt at work right now I would hurry off and vote :P I will do it when I'm off.

    I'm your newest follower! :) I came from Running on Happiness. I like what I see.

  2. Good luck! Will vote for you!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  3. Voted!! Best of luck Mara, hope you win - the prizes look super fab! xo veronika

  4. Love your post on Running on Happiness today! DO you have a tutorial of your lovely curls? I think our hair is pretty similar and I would love to see how you do it!


  5. Done! I hope that you win it! Your style is gorgeous and you're too sweet not to win!

  6. Totally voting for you. I love your blog :)

  7. I voted! Really hope you win :)

  8. Good luck girl!

    PS - I voted for you yesterday through your link on facebook. Went back to do it today & it didn't let me vote again. Not sure if that means once you vote for a blogger you're done. I wanted to vote for you more than once!

  9. First of all I found you blog when you guest posted for running on happiness.I started going through your lookbook and I feel like you are my style twin. I LOVE IT ALL!!And then I found out that you are the a buyer for Ruche. And that makes sense, because I kind of just want Ruche to dress me for life. Anyways, I love your hair, and your blog, and will now be a devoted follower.


  10. I looked at so many of the blogs and yours is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! :-) xxxxxx Emily

  11. Got my vote pretty lady! ;)
    Good Luck!

  12. I voted before, my vote was 3rd:)

  13. I've recently discovered Ruche and concurrently, your blog! I just finished reading all your blog posts. C: It was an interesting read over the span of a week or so. You're a beautiful girl with fabulous style -- hope you win the contest!

  14. Hi guys,

    Good luck on the contest!!!

    love K

  15. Mara Ferreira...
    Sounds like a portuguese name.
    Am i wrong?

  16. voted! mara ferriera. i hadn't noticed your last name before now. what an awesome name : )

  17. Done and Done! :) Good luck, but I don't think you need it!

    Liesl :)

  18. You look beautiful as always, I already voted for you. Good luck!


    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  19. I was originally going to vote for a different blog that I follow, but once on Refinery29's site I found your blog. I immediately fell in love with your style, and with no hesitation voted for you instead! Best of luck!


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